Premium Leopardwood Guitar Body Blanks- 2 Glued Piece, 21″x14″x 2″

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Buy Premium Two-Piece Glued Leopardwood electric guitar body blank with free shipping.


Used For Available with Exotic Wood Zone
Used for laminate tops Yes Yes
Used for bodies Yes Yes
Used for necks Yes Yes
Used for fretboards Yes No
Custom orders Available Yes Yes


Minimum Dimensions: Length: 21″ x Width: 14″ x Thickness: 2″
Planed Body Blanks Thickness Will Be 1-3/4"
If you need planed body blanks, please select the option Planed.


Each blank is air-dried

Moisture Content Around 8 to 12%


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Common Names: Leopardwood

Scientific Name: Roupala montana (syn. R. brasiliense)

The wood itself is a medium to dark reddish-brown with grey or light brown rays, which resemble the spots of a leopard. Leopardwood glues and finishes well to give a lustrous finish. For best results, spray-on finish should be used. These body blanks have a fairly coarse texture and straight grain. It is a dense wood with a loud, sustaining tap tone. Leopardwood’s color is a warm cinnamon brown and has a bold figure. Some builders feel that this wood contributes to a warm tone characteristic of guitars many years older. The tone is terrific as well, falling roughly between walnut and maple.

This piece is a sample picture. You will get a similar piece.

If you need pictures of what you get please email us at and we can send you some options to choose from 



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