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Gift Card - $1,000.00 Gift Value (Digital)

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    Buying a Gift Card

    You can buy a gift card of varying denominations from our online store.
    After successful purchase of gift card product , the gift card details will be emailed to you.

    You can then forward the gift card email to the recipient

    Redeeming a Gift Card

    When making a purchase , you can redeem the value of gift card  by entering it unique code at checkout. The gift card balance can be spent over more the one order.
    Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order , which can include taxes and shipping.


    1.Can a gift card be used more than once?

    Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

    2.Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?

    Yes, you can redeem another gift card during checkout.

    3.Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?

    No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

    4.Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?

    Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes(if applicable)

    5.How can I check the balance?

    You can't check gift card balance on your own, but you can ask us to check the balance and we will send information to you.

    6.How can I access gift cards which were misplaced or never received?

    You can click Resend gift cards from the order confirmation email. This link will only work if the order has been fulfilled.

    Are these sizes true sizes?

    Yes, these sizes are True. The Measurements that you see are what you will be getting. For example, if it says 2" x 2" x 12” then that's the exact size you will be getting. However, If you ask, it will be planned or jointed. Then the answer is no. It will be rough sawn cut sizes.

    Gift Card - $1,000.00 Gift Value (Digital) - Exotic Wood Zone - Buy online Across USA