Basswood Explorer Guitar Body Blanks 2 Piece Glued - 28" x 18" x 2"

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Quality guaranteed Explorer Size Basswood electric guitar body blank with free shipping.

Used For Available with Exotic Wood Zone
Used for laminate tops

Used for bodies Yes Yes
Used for necks Yes Yes
Used for fretboards No No
Custom orders Available Yes Yes

Minimum Dimensions: Length: 28″ x Width: 18″ x Thickness: 2″
Planed Body Blanks Thickness Will Be 1-3/4"
If you need planed body blanks, please select the option Planed

Each blank is kiln-dried


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Scientific name: (Tilia americana)
The Basswood is a lighter weight wood. The color is white but often can be found contaminated with green mineral streaks in it. This is a closed-grain wood, but it can absorb a lot of finish. Therefore the use of clear finishes would not be much advised. It is quite soft and fairly easy to work with. Speaking about the musical characters, Basswood body blanks has a nice, growley, warm tone with good mids. A favorite tonewood for shredders in the 80s since its defined sound cuts through a mix well. Since Basswood has great acoustic qualities, it is also extensively used for the creation of various wind instruments, recorders, guitar, and bass guitar bodies.

Basswood is a colorless wood which is very easy to work with. It is native to Europe, Asia and North America. As a tonewood it is used for guitar bodies only. Basswood has excellent mid-range tones and has a very warm and pronounced sound with very good sustain. Because of it’s “growl” it is very suited for Rock and Metal. It is the best wood choice for Floyd Rose equipped guitars as the tremolo tends to be very tinny sounding with other woods due to it’s minimal contact with the guitar body. The tonal properties of basswood eliminate that problem. Since the beginning of the 21st Century basswood has become the tonewood of choice for many international brands and has become the hallmark of the “Rock guitar.”
Visually it has no grain so is not used for natural finishes. It is quite soft and can dent more easily than other tonewoods.

This piece is a sample picture. You will get a similar piece.

If you need pictures of what you get please email us at and we can send you some options to choose from 



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