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Customer Showcase: See Our Customer;s' Creative Wood Projects

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Congratulations on Embracing Excellence!
Made by: Ryan Merrill
Wood used: Black walnut body blank

The complete art of Wood Working!
Made by: @estrapalawoodworking Wood used: Australian Burls

It's awesome The smell of wood is the smell of royalty!
Made by: @ma_tt8431
Wood used: African Mahogany Body blanks

The complete art of Wood Working!
Made by: Christopher Guison Wood used: Combo Pack Of 6 Black Palm, Walnut, Padauk, Basswood, Cherry, Mahogany Lumber Boards

The complete art of Wood Working!
Made by: @estrapalawoodworking
Wood used: Bocote

Each piece is beautiful with its unique intricate patterns and design!
Made by: Zev Weis
Wood used: 3/4" lumber combo packs

We love it when our customers share what they have done with our products!
Made by: @allenbroscustomdesign
Wood used: Gaboon Ebony

Working with wood is a time-honored tradition!
Made by: @digger_nc
Wood used: Padauk- Neck & Body Rosewood-Fingerboard

Your creations keep amazing us!
Made by: @creevesmakes
Wood used: Turning blanks and 3/4" boards

We love how the ash Grey epoxy goes with the maple Burl.
Made by: @kurtzwoodworking
Wood used: maple Burl

This vase, made from our very own black walnut root!
Made by: @jimmarxwoodturning
Wood used: Walnut root and cherry

Scott Hageman with the his Guitar made of Tonewoods from Exotic Wood Zone
Made by: Scott Hageman
Wood used: 

Check out this beautiful guitar made by Luthier Touch Singleton!
Made by: @singletonguitars
Wood used: Alder body blanks

Now that is some beautifully crafted Bowl.
Made by: @allenbroscustomdesign
Wood used: red mallee burl

Let's take a moment to admire this leopard wood knife handle!
Made by:  @steelturtlecrafts
Wood used: leopardwood

@estrapalawoodworking showstopper jewelry box is a work of art in itself.
Made by: @estrapalawoodworking
Wood used: curved maple, ziricote, walnut

The colors and the grain patterns speak for itself and finished it to give that extra glow.
Made by: @socojoco
Wood used: Chechen burl

Awesome work.
Made by: @saraestrapala
Wood used: Brown Mallee Burl, maple, walnut, and hickory

Australian Burl desktop clocks perfect addition to your homes or offices.
Made by:  @estrapalawoodworking
Wood used: australian burls

we can definitely see the attention to detail. Love how it turned out especially the plaw eith the grains and textures.
Made by: @jdutcher_
Wood used: 

Happy Customer Jim Smith with his Ukulele Guitar.
Made by: Jim Smith
Wood used: Indian Rosewood Guitar Set and Spanish Red Cedar Neck blanks

We are glad to share yet another wonderful creation from @creevesmakes.
Made by: @creevesmakes
Wood used: turning blanks of walnut, ash, and blood wood

zebrawood itself has beautiful grain patterns hence this would make an amazing accent piece.
Made by:  @high.speed.steel
Wood used: Zebrawood

Ornaments on the Christmas tree is not always meant to be shiny.
Made by: @jdutcher_
Wood used: Padauk and Cherry

Masterfully Crafted Melodies: Angel Jose Ortiz Strikes a Chord with His Exquisite Spalted Beech Guitar Set.
Made by: Angel Jose Ortiz
Wood used: Spalted European Beech

Our customer @tumbleweedguitar has done justice to our wooden neck and body blanks by creating this amazing electric guitar that stops your gaze!
Made by: @tumbleweedguitar
Wood used: 

Beautiful heart crosses!
Made by: Ron Priest
Wood used: Zebrawood

We love our work as you love your dreams! Nothing short of brilliance!!!
Made by: @estrapalawoodworking
Wood used: Bocote