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 Specialized Coco Coir/Coco Peat Bricks- 100% Natural Compressed Coco Peat Bricks For Strawberry Projects With Grow Bags

Cocopeat details

3.2 kg to 3.4 kg bricks in grow bag. Made with 100% natural and organic coconut by-products.
Compressed Bricks - Coco Coir, Coco Peat, Coir Pith 
Specially made for strawberry seeds
3 Layer Packing
Low EC
Expand to 27 liter
Retains water efficiently
Optimum pH
Excellent cation exchange capacity prevents the leaching of nutrients
100% Organic Coco Coir Bricks- 100% Natural Compressed Coco Peat Brick Coconut Fiber Substrate with Low EC & pH Balance
Enhance Root Growth for Herbs, Flowers, House Plants, vegetables

Grow bag details

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm; bag volume 27 liters The bag has drain holes, UV protected for 5 years minimum with black inside and white outside
We provide customized grow bags, please contact us for details

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Benefits of composted coir pith

  •  The addition of composted coir dust improves soil texture, structure and tilth, sandy soil become more compact and clayey soil become more arable
  • It improves the soil aggregation
  • It improves the water holding capacity (more than 5 times its dry weight) contributing towards increased soil moisture.
  • The bulk density of both the sub surface (15-30 cm) soil is reduced to considerable extent with the application composted coir pith.
  •  Composted coir dust contains all plant nutrient elements and it can provide a supplemental effect along with inorganic fertilizers.
  • There is improvement in cation exchange capacity of soils, where composted coir pith is applied.
  •  Coir pith compost application increased the soil native microflora because of addition of humid materials.
  •  Ammonification, nitrification and nitrogen fixation are increased due to improved microbiological activity.

Nutritive value of raw and composted coir pith compost

ParametersRaw coir pith (%)Composted coir pith (%)
C:N ratio112.124:1

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