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Wood warping and how to prevent it (how to stop wood become warping in heat)

It is important to discuss the content of moisture in wood. We all have different conditions, such as temperature and weather from state-to-state which can lead us into blaming suppliers or ourselves if we're not careful enough when working with our timbers

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Wood workers and musicians alike are aware that seasonal changes in humidity can cause wood to shrink. Wood is hygroscopic- meaning it absorbs moisture from the air, which leads us back into discussing how much this varies depending on its surrounding environment; you'll want one with an accurate read out for your needs!

I recommend getting a $10 eBay gift card if possible because they work well as longsitchicks during these times when temperatures soar while also providing adequate readings without costing too much money at all levels of expertise needed (even though we know some people may think otherwise).

When the humidity is around 50%, moisture content will be about 9%. This average value can give you a rough idea on how much water there is currently in your surroundings and would help determine what level should suffice for proper ventilation.

The higher the humidity, the more water there will be in a piece of wood. If you're planning on working with recently transported or moved-from one city to another state for example-it might take some time before that board adjusts and becomes comfortable at its new location's moisture content level (or either way). 

If you've bought a piece of wood that's been hanging around in high humidity, it'll probably end up with close to 10% moisture. This doesn't mean the entire object will become moldy - just parts infected by fungi or bacteria who love wet environments!



Moisture Meter! Not the best but it works :)

This topic is indeed very complicated. I am not an expert here at all. I am just sharing the basics with you all. Because when it comes to wood there is lot of other factors that play on how the wood moves-

  1. a) Width, length and thickness of the wood
  2. b) If the wood is quarter cut or flat sawn
  3. c) Moisture content of the wood at the time you receive it.
  4. d) Humidity in your room or your house or place you store it.
  5. e) Wood species also matter. Some wood species tend to move less than others.
  6. f) Density of the wood.

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