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5 Stunning Woodworking Ideas with Ebony Lumber

These premium trees, known by the common names of African Ebony, Nigerian Ebony, Cameroon Ebony, etc, are native to western Africa. For making piano keys, clarinet, violin, guitar, oboes, bagpipes, etc., Gaboon Ebony is the most sought after wood. In the USA and Canada, they are famous.

While jet-black is the identity of Gaboon Ebony, 70-80 percent of the woods available may have dark brown or grayish-brown streaks in it for different reasons. Gaboon trees are further graded into grade A (fewer streaks) and grade B depending on the existing streaks (more streaks). To a degree, adding dyes will rectify the problems of streaks.

Ebony is a thick black/brown hardwood, which is too thick to sink into the sea. This is most commonly produced in the genus Diospyros by several species. When polished, it is finely-textured and has a mirror finish, making it valuable as an ornamental wood. You know you've got the best Ebony wood when it is really hard, almost black, and only obtained from the heartwood.

Eons ago it was used for scepters and portraits by the ancient kings of India and, also believed that this wood has the ability to be completely hostile toward poison and hence used this ‘heavenly’ wood for drinking cups. But that's all history and we would not recommend drinking from any poisoned cups wooden or glass.

Instead, here are 5 amazing things that you could be doing with this wood ( other than using it as a precautionary mechanism from your enemies). You are all wholeheartedly welcome to check out our website  at any time to know more about ebony and so many other types of exotic woods. 

Working with this wood can be quite challenging. Rapidly dull cutting edges due to their extreme hardness and density, so they must be made of carbide to slow the effect. Ebony typically features finely textured, straight grain, but interlocked grain can sometimes be exhibited.

Light passes are recommended for coupling with density and hardness in planning, joining, and routing. Progress through successive grits (up to 400) when sanding, or you will leave minute scratches under a finish that will show. The higher the grit, the more polished it becomes.

Although ebony takes all stains and finishes equally well, under a clear penetrating oil it looks wonderfully lustrous. Unless you're trying to hide the color or darken it, there's no reason to hide its color with dye or stain.

1. Cabinet for Kitchen organization

For instance you could buy this wood and make a fresh piece of cabinet to accessorise the kitchen as a gift and present it to someone or if you really liked that cabinet and you feel like this fantastic masterpiece should be hanging around in your living room rather than theirs keep it for yourself.

This wood is really good for cabinetwork as it can take on high polish and give off a glossy look when finished. For those of you who would like a monochromatic atmosphere in your kitchen then ebony should be on your list as this is the darkest as it can get. 

2. Cabinet for Closet organization

What better way to organize your closets than with a tall, dark and a gorgeously black cabinet.

These can handle enough weight, more than anyone can give credit for. With the proper additions of hooks, handles and bars you could be doing yourselves a favor. These are resistant to insect attack and durable therefore these tend to last for a while.

3. Laundry organization

Not just for that chic dark black look in your room, but for a very useful laundry organization that so many of us find very hard to keep up with. Adding different columns for the different types of dress just so that you can find them easily when you are in a hurry.

Bars of desired length can be added across the cabinet to hang you clothes in hangers just so you can grab them on the go. Using ebony will not only help you with the organization but also prevents your clothes from being attacked by insects and pests.

4. Bathroom organization

The most usual way to go about with bathroom organizations is adding on steel shelves which is way more convenient. But have you tried ebony shelves for your bathroom organization. These also turn out to be the most adorable decor if you add some plants in cute little bottles on them.

When they are cleaned and sealed using the proper finishes, they can withstand the humid atmosphere in the bathroom always. 

5. Desk organization

Shelves that are vertical or horizontal, pen/pencil stands, mobile stands, dividers, etc. will all look just about great with the use of ebony. This will add to the aesthetic look of your shelves and help with desk organizations so that you don't have to clutter and complicate finding things on your desk.

Adding a space for some small potted succulents and a well lit lamp will just keep on adding to the classy look of your desk.

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