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Snakewood is a rare exotic wood and found in the forests of Central and South America. Snake Wood Pen Blanks is Best, It’s also called as letter wood or leopard wood. It’s considered to be the world’s rarest commercially available species. It has an attractive color range which makes it a superb choice for pen blanks. It’s a beautiful hardwood which polishes into classy pens.

The wood is extremely dense and challenging to work. The wood tends to be splintery and hard to cut or drill. But, the bright side is that wood turns well and finishes to a high polish. The snakewood with snakeskin pattern is the most expensive exotic wood lumbers available in the wood market.

Piratinera guianensis, Snakewood, is otherwise called Letterwood, Speckled wood, and Leopardwood. Its Latin name truly implies Guiana ocean privateer. Considered by specialists to be the World’s rarest economically accessible species, Snakewood is hard to work (dry wood can even now check in the event that it is warmed while sanding). Regardless of its trouble in working, it is an excellent wood that has rich dark colored, red and dark in a conventional Viper design. This is without a doubt where it gained the name Snakewood. The Snakewood tree is little and thin becoming just up to a foot in measurement and 40-60 feet tall. There is a changing measure of the figure in each tree so each log can deliver altogether different evaluations of wood. Utilizations include: violin bows, parasols, sticks, pens, bottle plugs, umbrella handles, pool signals, angling rod post butts and that’s just the beginning! Essentially found in Suriname.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Snake Wood Pen Blanks

Wood species Snakewood
Scientific name Brosimum guianense
Weight  1210  kg/m3
Color Reddish brown with contrasting darker brown or black patches.
Texture Fine, even texture. Straight grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Bowls, knife handles and small turned or specialty objects.

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