Sapele Headplates With Free Shipping

Sapele is an exotic wood originated from west or central Africa. It’s an efficient substitute to Mahogany, since it belongs to the same Meliaceae Family. The wood has a similar tonal quality and appearance of Mahogany. The wood rarely gives a quilted appearance. It’s a very useful wood choice for headplates, bodies and necks. The figured material finds great application in guitar bodies.

The consistency in tonal quality makes it compatible with diverse playing styles. Sapele is a high-density wood and so produces a slightly bright sound with top-end shimmer. It’s well-suitable for building guitar headplates. Sapele is an all purpose tonewood with balanced tone and high-sustainability.

Wood species Sapele
Scientific name Entandrophragma cylindricum
Weight 670 kg/m3
Color Golden to dark reddish brown, color tends to darken with age.
Texture Fine,Uniform texture. Interlocked or wavy grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions.
Recommendations Musical instruments and small turned objects.


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