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Pink ivory is a rare and valuable exotic wood. It’s rumored that Pink Ivory is “rarer than diamonds”. Pink Ivory Pen Blanks has its origin in Southern Africa. It’s a beautiful, strong and stiff hardwood with fine texture. Pink Ivory is an excellent wood for turning and carving. The wood finishes well to a high polish. Hence, it’s suitable for pen blanks.

Pink ivory is difficult to work with hand tools. Pink Ivory has a blunting effect on cutting edges and tear outs occur in case of figured or quarter sawn sections. It’s a common choice in Pen blanks and applications involving carving. Pink ivory is a typical expensive exotic wood with attractive color range.

Pink ivory was the illustrious tree of the Zulu People and just individuals from the regal family were permitted to have it until the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Before the Anglo-Zulu War, the Zulu ruler (and preceding 1818, Zulu boss) would have a pink ivory knobkerry, a stay with one end a handle, and wear adornments that was likewise produced using pink ivory. As indicated by talk, non-royals who had the wood would summarily be executed.

Pink ivory, likewise called purple ivory, red ivory, mini or umgoloty, is an African hardwood used to make an assortment of items. The pink ivory tree develops transcendently in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. The tree is ensured and reasonably kept up in South Africa, just felled by constrained license

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Pink Ivory Pen Blanks

Wood species Pink Ivory
Scientific name Berchemia zeyheri
Weight 1035 kg/m3
Color Pale brownish pink to deep neon pink or red
Texture Fine and even texture. Straight or interlocked grain pattern
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