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Mahogany is the most commonly used tonewood in guitar production.  Mahogany Knife Blanks is occasionally used as drop top material. Mahogany is a dense wood with dark colors and close grains. The wood has a warmer tonal quality compared to Cedar and Spruce wood. The density of Mahogany wood adds a great punch and projection to the tone featuring a “woody” character.

Mahogany is well –known for its co-operative nature and easy machining. The wood has excellent dimensional stability.  Honduran Mahogany is available in lumber or veneer form. The tonal quality resembles a few characteristics of Rosewood. Mahogany is a popular wood used in electric guitar bodies. The mahogany body is combined with a maple top for a balanced tone.

Black limba is also called as “Super- Mahogany”, it sounds similar to mahogany but assures much responsive and sweeter media sounds. Most valuable guitars in history were made from this super hard and stable wood. Besides wood selection, each body blank has its own unique characteristics in the tone. It also depends on the growth of the tree and how it’s treated after cut down.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Mahogany Knife Blanks

Wood species Mahogany
Scientific name Swietenia macrophylla
Weight 590 kg/m3
Color Pale pinkish-brown to dark reddish brown
Texture Uniform and medium texture. Straight, irregular, interlocked or wavy grain pattern.
Shipping Requires Export Permit

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