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Hard Maple is also called as Sugar Maple. Hard Maple Knife Blanks is best, It’s considered to be a supreme species of the Acer genus. The wood is admired for its intense cream color and fine texture. The grain patterns are unique like birds-eye, curly, and a lot more. The wood has excellent working properties and considered to be the best knife blank among hardwoods.

Sapwood is most commonly used in the manufacturing of several products. It’s easy to work both in hand and machine tools. Maple turns well on a lathe, glues and assures an incredible finish. The wood is resistant to abrasion. Hard maple is a favorite wood in several applications since it’s strong and dense than other Maple species.

Purple Heart is a less used name among the exotic wood category. It’s not a common wood among the guitar builders but, it has a really stunning appearance which attracts stringed-instrument lovers worldwide. Purple Heart is a dense and tough wood with exciting physical characteristics. It has a brilliant tonal quality which resembles the warmer version of Hard Maple wood.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Hard Maple Knife Blanks

Wood species Maple
Scientific name Acer
Weight 600 – 750 kg/m3
Color White to off-white cream with a reddish or  golden hue
Texture Fine, even texture. Straight or wavy grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Musical instruments, turning objects, special wood items, tool handles.

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