Flame Maple Body Blanks

Flame Maple Electric Guitar Body Blanks

All Products Are Air Dried.

Moisture- Between 9% to 12%

Flame maple also called as ripple maple, curly maple or tiger stripe. This wood is well-known for its usage in guitars. Flame Maple is a hardwood but lighter than oak and Mahogany. Hence, it requires less equipment to shape with reduced work load. The flame maple body looks stunning on electric guitars. The tone resembles rosewood and it allows a crazy finish on your electric guitars.

Flame Maple produces bright and beaming sound, when the rigid wood reflects against sound waves. The tiger pattern shines well after the final finishing process. Higher grades of flame maple are less expensive compared to quilted maple. Flame maple electric guitar looks fantastic under stage lights.

Wood species Flame Maple
Scientific name Acer spp
Weight 600 – 750kg/m3
Color Cram white to reddish brown
Texture Tight or closely spaced curls
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Good for high-end works

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