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Cedar is a beautiful electric guitar body because of its refreshing red color. Cedar is a light-weight wood which works well on most of the electric guitars. The wood has a good aroma as wee as hard and resonant. Its light as air and the tone is softer than Mahogany. The wood is easy to work, it glues and finishes well. Cedar is most commonly employed in both acoustic and electric guitars. It’s a less dense wood with slightly darker tone. Cedar is well-known for its rich overtones and results in less sparkle with more character. It’s a favorite choice among fingerstyle players who value the character of tone instead of volume and clarity.
Wood species Cedar
Scientific name Juniperus virginiana
Weight 530 kg/m3
Color Heartwood is Reddish or violet brown, sapwood is pale yellow color.
Texture Very fine texture. Straight grain pattern with knots.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Special wooden items, musical instruments.

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