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Australian Blackwood is also called as Tasmanian Blackwood. Australian Blackwood Pen Blanks are best and the wood has an intense three-dimensional nature with a glazing look usually seen in quarter sawn wood. This glazing nature makes the pen blank attractive and unique. It’s a stable wood and very similar to Hawaiian Koa in color, density, and other features.

The wood is hard and heavy. It’s easy to work both in machine and hand tools. The curly grain pattern is decorative and looks great on your pen blanks. The wood turns well according to your desired shape. The wood glues and finishes well. The wood lumber is fairly expensive and figured wood is even more costly. Australian Blackwood pen blanks are suitable for roller balls and large fountain pens.

DescriptionAcacia melanoxylon, generally known as the Australian Blackwood, is an Acacia species local in Southeastern Australia. The species is otherwise called Blackwood, hickory, Mudgeeraba, Tasmanian Blackwood, or blackwood acacia.

Sapwood may run in shading from straw to dark white with clear division from the heartwood. The heartwood is brilliant to dim darker with chocolate development rings. The timber is commonly straight grained however might be wavy or interlocked. Quartersawn surfaces may deliver an appealing fiddleback figure. The wood is radiant and has a fine to the medium surface.

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Wood species Australian Blackwood
Scientific name Acacia melanoxylon
Weight 640 kg/m3
Color Medium golden or reddish brown with contrasting bands of growth rings.
Texture Uniform, fine to medium texture and straight to the slightly interlocked grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Musical instruments, turned objects, and other wood objects.

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