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Amazon Rosewood is true Rosewood. It’s an excellent substitute to Brazillian Rosewood. It’s a dense wood and perfectly customized to create stunning guitar parts.  It’s a rare species and the wood supplies are limited. Amazon Rosewood is difficult to work because of its high density. Hence, special care is required while working turns and finishes. It’s polished well with a high natural luster.

Amazon Rosewood is an expensive choice for guitar headplates but it assures the best tonal quality and captivating look on your guitar models. This wood species is under the verge of extinction. Its most often sold as thin craft wood with perfect dimension for guitar building. It’s a top choice in guitar headplates, back, sides and fingerboards.

Wood species Amazon Rosewood
Scientific name Dalbergia spruceana
Weight 1100 kg/m3
Color Orange or reddish brown with darker contrasting steaks.
Texture Uniform, medium texture with open pores.
Shipping Requires export permit.
Recommendations Guitars and small turned objects.

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