African Mahogany With Free Shipping

African Mahogany Head Plates Pictures are for reference, You will get similar products closer to what shown on the photo. African mahogany is a native to Africa and considered to be a valid substitute of Honduran Mahogany. The tonal quality is similar to Brazillian Mahogany with an extra bright vibe. The wood has slight swirls to grain, which makes it an attractive tonewood. It’s easy to work, glues and finishes well. In case of interlocked grain pattern, the wood is subjected to occasional tearouts. It’s a smooth-barked Mahogany which is well suited for acoustic guitar headplates. The deep reddish color makes it attractive as a headplate. It’s a traditional timbre preffered by most of the luthiers and wood-workers. The wood is readily available in variety of lumber sizes at an affordable price range. QUALITY GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY | WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTERS Free Shipping | 60 Day Returns Moister Content : 9%
Wood species African Mahogany
Scientific name Khaya spp
Weight 640 kg/m3
Color Pale pink to deep reddish brown.  Color tends to darken with age.
Texture Medium to coarse texture. Straight to interlocked grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Musical instruments and special wood items.