What are the Best Carved Top Guitar Woods Available in USA?


Being music makers, we love to try out every little technique to mesmerize our guitar tone. Tops lend to create a unique sounding guitar; carved tops especially play a significant role in modifying the guitar tone. Guitar tops are made from special tonewoods and obviously, these tonewoods affect the tone of the final product. The carved-top guitar is far ahead of the competition and most of them prefer carved tops for comfortable playability. So, Buy Best-Carved Tops Tonewood Online from the world’s best sellers.

What is a carved top guitar?

In a carved top guitar, the neck is angled to body and body sides are lower compared to middle sections of the guitar. The guitar is placed in a comfortable position and so, carved top guitars are popular among players and luthiers. The carved top has a small ridge, which lifts near the strings and flattens out at the edge of the body.
The carved-top guitars have a basic body mass that assures longer sustain and specific tone according to the body woods. In case, if you’re choosing a mahogany guitar with a carved top, it sounds darker than a mahogany guitar with a flat top. In case of choosing two different tonewoods for body and carved top, then the guitar tone differs. The guitar body exhibits most of the tone, but the carved top has its influence in the tone. A guitar with a mahogany body and maple carved top sounds brighter than mahogany body and top. Planning to play some unplugged naturally resonating tones, and then choose the Best Carved Top Guitar Woods In The Usa.
Online sources provide excellent carved top woods at affordable prices. Buy best-carved top tonewoods online from the top-rated tonewood sellers in the USA. Check out the popular woods used in the manufacturing of carved guitar tops.


Bubinga carved top creates a unique guitar tone and so, it’s a popular choice among luthiers. Bubinga Is An Exotic Wood choice use by custom-guitar makers. It’s not available in mass production, but available as unique guitar carved tops. The wood color is highly appealing in their natural form. Bubinga is a hard and dense wood with rare grain patterns. Bubinga is a great choice in multi-wood bodies and considered one of the best carved top guitar woods in the USA. Bubinga is an African imported tonewood, popular for its strength and beauty.

Pale Moon Ebony

Pale Moon Ebony is a superb tonewood for carved guitar tops. The hard and dense nature exhibits some cool and unique guitar tones. Pale moon Ebony is one of the best carved top guitar woods in the USA. The wood is under complete extinction and it’s a fact that this wood will disappear shortly. The wood provides a solid firm tone with the attack in the lows. The wood has a stunning pale yellow color with an unpredictable pattern of lines. The wood has a fine texture and looks great in a carved top guitar.

Flame Maple

Flame Maple or curly maple is a popular tonewood used in guitar manufacturing and other stringed instruments. The striking nature makes it a desirable tonewood in creating magnificent carved top guitars. Flame Maple is found in a small percentage but, it’s an eye-popping attractive wood with excellent grain pattern and unique color. The wood properties are well-defined for perfect guitar construction with the shining appearance and mesmerizing tonal quality. Buy best-carved tops tonewood online like Flame Maple from expert sellers.

Poplar Burl 

Poplar carved top is a ravishing choice with a picturesque color and grain pattern. It’s a good choice for people who love the warm and mild refreshing look. The wood color is really attractive with a unique pattern. The wood is light-weight and poplar carved tops exhibit excellent tonal characteristics that resemble basswood. The wood has easy working properties and polishes out as one of the best carved top guitar woods in the USA. Poplar Burl is a common and inexpensive tonewood easily available in online stores at an affordable rate.

The carved-top guitar is a great choice for people who love high-end tones. It’s essential to select the best tonewood and work on it. Buy best-carved tops tonewood online for better sounding guitars.