What is the Best Guitar Fretboard/Fingerboard Wood?


Fingerboards depict the beauty of a guitar. Guitar lovers choose from the best fingerboard wood blanks for a guitar with excellent tonal quality and easy playability. Influence the playability in your style and obviously, the fingerboard is the most important part of a guitar. Best fingerboard wood arguably improves the tonal quality and overall appearance of the guitar. Fretboards require high-durability since the strings undergo constant pressure. The sticky fingerboard is a rare choice among guitarists; it’s complicated and creates difficulties while playing.
Most of the guitar manufacturers choose between different fingerboard wood blanks get the best fingerboards for sale and start with your guitar manufacturing process.

Ebony Fretboards

Ebony feels smooth under fingers providing plenty of brightness in terms of tone and feel. The ebony fretboard is an excellent choice for simply brighter guitar tone!! The wood has a heavy and dense nature accompanied by superior bond strength. These features make it the right choice for fingerboards. Ebony wood is sensitive to humidity and so, using appropriate fretboard conditioners will prevent the guitar from harmful temperature changes!! Ebony is one of the best fingerboard wood blanks in the market.


Santos Rosewood Fingerboard

Rosewood is one of the best fingerboard woods available in the market. The wood is oily resulting in the development of fundamental tones compared to the unnecessary overtones of other wood blanks. The oily nature absorbs overtones and the final product doesn’t require extra polish or finish. Most of the players choose Rosewood for their naturally slick feel. Get a warm sounding guitar, tame on harsh highs on a bright sounding guitar.


Mexican Granadillo

Mexican Granadillo is a popular fingerboard wood blank available among guitar wood manufacturers and other wood makers. The wood has a straight-grained nature with dense features. It’s similar to the popular rosewood and looks prettier with a simple orange-hue. This makes the guitar stunning with an excellent overall appearance and warm tone. It’s comparatively brighter than rosewood. Hence, it’s a refreshing tone preferred by a group of luthiers.


Cocobola Fingerboard

Cocobolo fingerboard wood blank gives a stunning look with its exotic colour. The wood looks nice on fingerboards, but slightly harder to glue because of its high oil content. The wood has unique working properties and preferred by most of the luthiers. The oily nature reduces overtones and achieves a balanced guitar tone. Cocobola sounds similar to rosewood with a naturally slick feel.


Chenchen Fingerboard

Chechen is a tropical hardwood and one of the best fingerboard woods among woodworkers. The wood is hard and dense, which polishes out to a high sheen without much effort. The Chechen fingerboard has irregular grain patterns like gentle waves, straight, or interlocked. The irregular grain pattern with pretty different color variety makes it a splendid combination with other woods. Chechen has some unique color shades and excellent tonal quality that keeps you mesmerized among the guitar lovers.

 American Walnut Fingerboards

American walnut is a popular fingerboard wood blank among guitar manufacturers. The wood has a stable and sustainable nature that resists the wear and rubbing of strings. American Walnut fingerboard blanks are abundant in the country with an affordable price range. The fingerboard has enthralling beauty and resistance. American walnut tone has great stability refreshing our vibrant thoughts. So, American Walnut is a unique choice for your classic guitar fingerboards.

 Purple Heart Fingerboards

Purple Heart has a unique splash of color on your fingerboards. Purple Heart is one of the best fingerboard woods, where the guitar looks cool with alluring purple color. It’s widely available in the country with a moderate price range. ‘The wood has high-strength properties, making it the right choice for better sounding guitars. Purple Heart is a durable wood and hence, it’s a great choice for fingerboards. The guitar stays attractive with a little bit of rock or metal tone; it has a brighter and crispy tone similar to Flame Maple.


Apart from the above listed; there are plenty of fingerboard wood blanks that assure unique tonal quality according to your requirement. Get special wood blanks like Leopard Wood, Blood Wood, Indian Laure, Cherry, Bocote, Katalox, Santos Rosewood, Ziricote, and Zebrawood. Each wood exhibit a unique fingerboard tone, get the best fingerboard wood from plenty of available choices. Construct your dream guitar with alluring tonal characteristics.